Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sally hayden gilmore

open and bare, Cast unryu paper, acrylic paint/medium, 13x11x6, sorry, no info on this one,
fruit, Cast paper with acrylic medium, Paint, polymer clay, flock, Japanese tissue paper.
sorry, no info on this one

this work is an exploration of sexuality. specifically, i am interested in working with forms in terms of fetish. psychoanalytic writing has articulated some of the dynamics of fetishism as the process of dealing with anxiety and ambivalence accompanying the sexual pleasure of looking...read the rest of this interesting statement on here.
i recently saw this work at more than fiber, a huge fiber show at goggleworks in reading-a very cool building filled with galleries and artist studios-visit if you can. this artist's work especially stood out to me with it's innovative use of materials, fabulous form and color... see more here and here.

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