Friday, December 26, 2008

found drawings

i stumbled upon the term 'found drawings' about five years ago while searching for information before teaching my first drawing workshop. learning what these drawings were and how to find them totally changed the way i approached my work and the way i looked at the world in general.
the term 'found drawings' was coined by TRACEY, an online research tool sponsored by loughborough university. the TRACEY site contains everything you've ever wanted to know or think about in terms of drawing, including research papers, images and an extensive links list. the idea of found drawings came out of the comprehensive research of scholars and artists who contribute to the site and is defined as 'by-products of other processes, organic forms or discarded materials-images arising by accident, rather than from any conscious process'.

on the first day of my drawing workshop, i discuss found drawings and challenge the students to find as many as they can during the duration of the workshop. i also go out for long walks and just take images all day, which i then use in my work. The TRACEY site has many examples of found drawing images here and above are some of mine.


  1. This found drawing post is great-they seem to be everywhere from old buildings to fresh tracks in the snow.

  2. Can you explain why it's called a found *drawing*

  3. in it's simplest form, drawing is defined as a mark on a surface. these images show random marks on random surfaces.

    TRACEY researches drawing and the ideas surrounding the definition and the act of such. if you visit the TRACEY site (link above) and read some of the research papers, it may clarify things for you.

  4. Thank you, I will follow your links. Fascinating. I would love to attend one of your mark making workshops, but am in the UK.
    Are you going to produce a DVD or book soon!

  5. yes, jackie, a dvd is in the works!!!