Monday, November 30, 2009

michelle kong

Expanse, 2004, Hot glue, 6ft 4in x 30 x 7ft 6in, Reticula, 2006, Hot glue and painted board, 10ft x 14ft 6in x 16in, Swell, 2004, Styrofoam and hot glue, 16in x 5ft 8in x 5ft 6in, Drop, 2003, Monofilament, hot glue and suspended ceiling, 5ft x 9ft 4in x 12ft, Gossamer Balls, 2004, Monofilament, acrylic, styrene and hot glue, each, 4ft 6in x 24in x 24in

i just had one of my classes do a hot glue project inspired by this artist's work...amazing stuff from such a simple material...see more here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

inspiration & happy holiday

enjoy this collection of images from my drive to work series here and here...and have a great holiday!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

jennifer falck linssen

Spirit of the Sea, 2006, Katagami-style handcarved paper vessel with stitching, Materials include archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, indigo, paint, and varnish, 10.25H x 21W x 12.75D, Ripple (detail), 2008, Katagami-style handcarved paper sculpture with stitching, Materials include archival cotton paper, aluminum, indigo, waxed linen, paint, and varnish, 6H x 20W x 10D, Order and Chaos, 2007, Handcrafted basket of katagami-style handcarved paper with stitched and random weave construction, Materials include archival cotton paper, waxed linen, coated copper wire, reed, paint, and varnish, 14.5H x 18.5W x 16D, Beauty in the Deep (detail), Beauty in the Deep, 2006, Sculpture of katagami-style handcarved paper and stitched construction with continuous coil looping & exposed-core coiling, Materials include sterling silver, fine silver, archival cotton paper, indigo, monofilament, waxed linen, paint, and varnish, 11H x 21W x 19D

this work is just brilliant...see more here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

aminah robinson

Poindexter Village-First Families in 1940, 1995, Paint on cloth, 36 x 72, One Day in 1307 AD: King Abubakari II, 1985-92, Button Beaded RagGonNon Music Box Pop-Up BoOK: cloth, thread, buttons, beads, paper, paint, graphite and music boxes, 55 x 155, Dad’s Journey, 1972-2002, Button beaded RagGonNon music box pop-up book: cloth, thread, buttons, beads, paper, paint, graphite, and music boxes, 28 ½ x 172, Mt. Vernon Avenue, South Side of Street, 1900-1957/Page Three: Memory Map, 1989-92, RagGanon: paint on cloth with thread and buttons, 40 x 216, Poindexter Village Quilt, 1966-1984, RagGonNon with buttons, beads, cowrie shells, thread, wool, rags, and cloth, 96 x 104

funky with amazing detail...see more here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

chor boogie

i love when art takes me to another world...this world discovered via artistaday...see more awesome work here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

daniella dooling

Untitled (detail), 2009, Eyelashes made from human hair, pencil on wall, Dimensions Variable, Sweet Dreams (detail), 1999, Pillow with acrylic fingernails, 24 x 20 x 5, Polyunguia Dress for the Psychotropic Itch (detail), 1997, Acrylic fingernails, temporary tattoos, satin, thread, dress form, 5' x 30 x 30, REMdress (detail), 2002-2004, silk negligee with mac eyelashes made from human hair, 67 x 19 x 12, Untitled, 2006, Clear plastic pushpins, Dimensions variable, Studio Installation, Untitled, (FD-3), 2006, aluminum foil, hot glue, pushpins, taxidermy form, plated steel, cable clamps, 20 x 10 x 24, (extension rods dimensions variable)

cool stuff...see more here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new piece

sun spots, 2009, encaustic, human hair, mixed media on rusted and branded silk on wood, 18x18x1

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gina osterloh

Dots Rear Misfire, 2008, Lambda Photograph, 30x38, Empty (Rash Room), 2008, Lambda Photograph, 30x38, Press and Erase #2, C-Print Mounted on Aluminum 20x24, Press and Erase #4, C-Print Mounted on Aluminum 20x24, Untitled (Turquoise Room #3), 2007, Lightjet on Dibond, 48x60, Dots Front Misfire, 2008, Lambda Photograph, 30x38

interesting and looks like fun...see more here.