Thursday, November 5, 2009

henrique oliveira

Corner Prolapse, 2009, wood and PVC, 8.6ft x 6.3ft x 2ft, Tapumes, (detail), 2008, Galerie Vallois, Paris, wood and PVC, 10.6ft x 20.6ft x 3ft, Tapumes, (detail), 2006, FUNARTE, Rio de Janeiro, wood, 11.5ft x 75.6ft x 4.6ft, Tapumes, (detail), 2005, Centro Cultural São Paulo, wood and PVC, 11.5ft x 39.5ft x 4,9ft, Tapumes, 2006, Paralela, São Paulo, wood and PV, 12.2ft x 46ft x 5.9ft, Tunnel, 2007, (interior view), Instituto Itaú Cultural, wood, PVC, bee wax, 6.6ft x 98.7ft x 9.8ft
amazing work...make sure you check out his paintings as well...see more sculpture here.


  1. I love the scale of the material and how it's used to create such seemingly organized, Improvisational statements. Though rough, they give the impression of something quiet carefully constructed. and although the media is wood, it reads a much more approachable surface, more like fiber. Lovely

  2. yes, he's truly manipulated and transformed the material. thanks for commenting!