Monday, November 2, 2009

hannah fink

slipper, 2009, metal, fabric, wood, wire, felt, thread, 5x8x13, whitey, 2008, wood, plastic, wire, fabric, thread, 5.5x6x10, sandal, 2008, wood, rubber, wire, fabric, encaustic, tar, 11x3.5x7, Big Shoe, 2007, fabric, nylon, wire, thread, wax, pigment/paper, 15x60x16, tubular, 2008, plastic tubing, wire, fabric, mm, 19x6x12, slip on, 2008, plastic, wire, encaustic, mm, 8.5x3x3
...The pieces evoke well worn items that contain a sense of history, a private narrative and often involve issues of gender...
i had the privilege of sharing a textiles-based show with this artist, which was an awesome surprise because i had already discovered her work online. the show was called second skin and was held at new hope arts. unfortunately, i didn't get to meet her, but i did get to see two of her shoe pieces in person, which is way cooler than looking at images...see more here.

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