Tuesday, November 24, 2009

aminah robinson

Poindexter Village-First Families in 1940, 1995, Paint on cloth, 36 x 72, One Day in 1307 AD: King Abubakari II, 1985-92, Button Beaded RagGonNon Music Box Pop-Up BoOK: cloth, thread, buttons, beads, paper, paint, graphite and music boxes, 55 x 155, Dad’s Journey, 1972-2002, Button beaded RagGonNon music box pop-up book: cloth, thread, buttons, beads, paper, paint, graphite, and music boxes, 28 ½ x 172, Mt. Vernon Avenue, South Side of Street, 1900-1957/Page Three: Memory Map, 1989-92, RagGanon: paint on cloth with thread and buttons, 40 x 216, Poindexter Village Quilt, 1966-1984, RagGonNon with buttons, beads, cowrie shells, thread, wool, rags, and cloth, 96 x 104

funky with amazing detail...see more here.

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