Friday, November 6, 2009

louise saxton

red cloud, detail, 2008, recycled embroidery and steel pins on nylon bridal tulle, blue wren for caroline, detail, 2009, Reclaimed embroideries and lace, embroidery pins, nylon tulle, garland, stage 2, detail, 2009, reclaimed embroidery and lace, pinned to nylon tulle, helmeted honey eater, detail of weep, Reclaimed needlework pinned to nylon tulle, travel bug, 2009, Reclaimed machine embroideries and lace, sewn to silk and muslin and pinned to nylon tulle, red-tailed black cockatoo, detail of weep, 2009, Reclaimed needlework pinned to nylon tulle, gouldian finch, detail of weep, 2009Reclaimed needlework pinned to nylon tulle

a new way of looking at funky, thrift store embroideries...see more here.


  1. The link isn't working. Can you remedy that? Thanks. Emmie

  2. it's working now, thank you for the heads up!