Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shawne major

heart and kisses
, cloth, pattern paper, beads, other small objects,
72 x 55, bud sport, plastic netting, fabric, doll clothes, stuffed toys, plastic toys, silk flowers, handkerchiefs, appliqués, plastic leaves, thread, 72 x 56, jesus bugs, fishing net, lace, eyelet, Frisbees, plastic rings, wooden and plastic beads, silk, satin & paper flowers, doll hair, appliqués, plastic toys (lizards, snakes, frogs, jacks) braid tassel trim, thread, 94 x 67, phantasmogoria, plastic netting, fabric, fabric fringe and trim, lace, doll hair, plastic toys (lizards, horses, rings, Frisbees, jacks, snakes, coins, doll hands, skeletons), ribbon, beads, buttons, stockings, costume jewelry, belt buckles, Christmas ornaments, appliqué, silk flowers, ribbon roses, artificial grapes, charms, brass sea shells, cupids, thread, more, 108 x 108, cow jumped, mixed media tapestry containing thousands of objects including cloth, baby shoes, lace, silk flowers, dolls, yarn, beads, plastic toys, tinsel, buttons, rhinestones, more, 96 x 40, portal to portal, large mixed media tapestry containing thousands of objects: flour sacks, small dolls, doll heads, doll hair, artificial birds and butterflies, crocheted doilies, lace, silk flowers, yarn, beads, more, 88 x 60

love this stuff and more stuff...see more here.

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