Monday, September 21, 2009

Yvonne Piner Kleiman

All: Untitled, Smoke on Canvas, 12 x 12
In the act of creating, memories and images bubble up from the deepest crevices of my psyche and transform into visual metaphors. The process prompts psychological exploration, luring me to the paradox of both losing and finding myself. Automatism reveals my thoughts in its purest form.
I am drawn to process art making because of its meditative, cathartic, and liberating influences. It allows me to invest my intensity, history, body, and self in a safe and meaningful way that communicates complexities verbal expression cannot.
fumage is making marks with the soot of smoke from a candle or the like. i just taught this process to my alternative materials class at tyler and anyone who has ever tried it would admire this artist's control...see more here.


  1. this is amazing and beautiful. i would not have guessed from the photos that it's fumage, a technique with which i'm unfamiliar. i'll go to the link for more.

  2. oh, you should try it, stephanie! it's so fun!