Friday, January 8, 2010

rosy keyser

Rogue, 2009, Dye, enamel house paint, spray paint, and leather on canvas, 28 x 22, Monterey, 2007, Ink, enamel, and mica on canvas, 80 x 68, Folk Conjugation, 2007, Ink, sawdust, and paint on canvas, 90 x 80, Natura Morta, 2009, Dye, spray paint, sawdust, wire, and found glass on white birch on panel, 21x 15 1/2, Fire Sermon I, 2009, Dye and enamel house paint on panel, 15 3/4 x 153/4, As Above so Below, 2007, Ink, paint, and enamel on canvas, 80 x 68, the ray, 2009, dye spray paint, sawdust, fringe on stretcher, 90x72, red bird, 2007, twine, mylar and enamel on hemp, 107x73, Fever Dream, 2009, Dye, enamel house paint, spray paint, andobsidian on canvas, 100 x 86

love the stark whites, blackness, mystery and wide range of material exploration...see more here and here.


  1. i could not describe this art any better.
    fascinating work! amazing what she's done with an array of materials in a limited palette. i'll definitely check out the links.

  2. thanks, stephanie. i believe these paintings would be best viewed in person--wish i could go!