Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nathan dipietro

wilderness hike, 2009, egg tempera on panel, 16x16, scheduled maintenance, 2007, egg tempera on panel, 8x10, planned harvest, 2008, egg tempera on panel, 22 diameter, mountain experience services, 2009, egg tempera on panel, 16x20, juan de fuca rennactment, 2009, egg tempera on panel, 40x32
To paint in egg tempera, raw pigment is mixed with egg yolk medium and painted over gesso-covered panels. Forms are slowly built up from opaque blocks of color towards shapes formed by the finest of line work. This process is time consuming and unforgiving; it must be approached with a strict sense of clarity in composition of form and color. It is for these reasons that I choose to work in tempera.
i wish i had the patience to work in this medium, i've always loved the creamy texture it provides...see more here.

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