Tuesday, September 28, 2010

viviane rombaldi seppey

Woodlands, 2008, White and yellow pages from Singapore phonebooks, 35x26, Fougères, 2008, White and yellow pages from Swiss phonebooks, 35x26, Jubilee, 2008, White and yellow pages from Australian phonebooks, 12x12
I am exploring the concept of identity and mobility. For this work, I use phone books pages from countries I lived in, as they are the carrier of individual and collective traces. These intricate and detailed collages take the form of cultural references specific to the country from which the phonebooks were taken (e.g. a quilt as representative of America, aboriginal art for Australia, mosaic for Italy, lace making for Switzerland, circle for Singapore). The collages are the witnesses of my migrating life and the interactive relationship existing between individuals, places and memory.
finally, someone has come up with a brilliant idea for our useless phonebooks!...see more here.

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