Monday, November 22, 2010

kim hutchison

in the garden shall grow, acrylic and mixed media, 36x36, square heart, acrylic and mixed media, 28x28, flutter part three, acrylic and mixed media, 22x22, constant reminders, acrylic and mixed media, 42x42

painting with fabric, painting on fabric...see more here.


  1. I really appreciate your blog. I follow you on twitter and like your work and the work of the other artists you feature. I have shared these links with my facebook friends.

  2. Totally agree with Karen, you do amazing work and also, I love your blog. It is a gift to all of us.
    Thank you, Sondra

  3. thank you! your comments are a gift to me. i'm delighted to share this wonderful work with you and just as delighted to know that you all enjoy it!!

  4. These are beautiful— what a great find! And ditton on the wonderfulness of your blog!!