Thursday, May 26, 2011

april workshops pt 1

3 lovely pieces (sorry don't remember who!), a branded peice by mela koussis, a peice by maryanne mcdevitt utilizing tyvek, a lovely collaged landscape, a gilded piece by pam pawl, one of kachina martin's kick-ass collages, a wonderful collage by tiffany robbins, mela loves branding and most of the participants working.

i should probably talk about my april workshops before may ends! april was an extremely busy month that pretty much began with this mixed media encaustic workshop that i taught at the philadelphia guild of handweavers. this was my first experience working with the guild and i found it to be a wonderfully supportive and creative group. the workshop was kicked off by a lecture that i gave on the history of encaustic and it's contemporary applications. all members of the guild were welcome to attend this lecture, not just those who were participating in the workshop and there was a great turnout with lots of good questions. the workshop was a short two days that was jam packed with beginning encaustic, the use of tyvek with encaustic and branding. some of my favorite encaustic workshops are those that i teach to participants with an affinity for fiber. these ladies certainly had a love of fiber and made some great work! sorry for the lack of captions on the work, but i only labeled the ones i could remember-i believe everyone is represented though!!! Participants in this workshop were tiffany robbins, pam pawl, maryanne mcdevitt, kachina martin, maryann laverty, pat doran and mela koussis.

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