Thursday, August 18, 2011

james c leonard

victory to light, acrylic on canvas, 72x72, mistic blue, acrylic on canvas, 36x36, in my heart, acrylic on canvas, 72x72

gerhard richter-like fun-ness...seee more here.


  1. Yes these are close to the Richter pieces.

    Which is OK because abstraction seems to
    be an "incestuous" system of images which
    is interdependent in all it's factors.

    I don't bother worrying about being original
    with my work because I know other people
    have had the same ideas as I have.

    Like 2 starlets wearing the same gown at
    the Oscars.

  2. Pete, your work is original because you made it! Even though someone may have had the same ideas or even used the same techniques/processes, it will never be the same because you didn't make it. Your work is original because you originally made it.

  3. Yes it will have characteristics which
    atleast give the appearance as well as
    the reality of originality.