Friday, November 18, 2011

sandy skoglund

fox games, 1989, color photograph, 46x63, the green house, 1990, color photograph, 46x59, revenge of the goldfish, 1981, color photograph, 27.5x35

one of my all time favorite artists. i grew up with a postcard of revenge of the goldfish on my bedroom bulletin board-had it for years and stared at it all the time....simply fascinated with the stunning color and super weirdness of it. as an older, educated art person, i still find her work fascinating and most appreciate her fun use of repetition and materials...see more here.


  1. Her installations are fantastic. I've always like this one: Saw it in person at the Joslyn in Omaha many years ago. The eggs as flooring are wonderful.

  2. i love the eggs too!! i was going to include it here, but it didn't make the cut. i love ALL of her work!

  3. I love Sandy Skoglund. I have fantasies about doing some kind of installation in my backyard that is Skoglund-esque.