Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sam messenger

quarter cask (spiderland), 2008, pen, white ink, watercolor on paper, 26x40,  pines (spiderland), 2008, pen, ink, watercolor on paper, 26x40, untitled (spiderland), 2007, pen, white ink, mixed media on paper, 26x40

cheesecloth drawings?...whatever, they're dreamy...see more here.


  1. Talk about a confluence of experience. I went to the Textility exhibition that Joanne Mattera and Mary Birmingham curated at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey yesterday. A lot of interesting work but I was most struck by a piece of..Sam Messengers. In person you would swear the lines were thread stitches (at which point I thought of you)and even knowing they were not, and not actual cheesecloth either, didn't make a difference. I kept going up really close to look again. But in actuality its white ink on ink washed paper. Really haunting and beautiful. I just googled him to learn more and what came up but your blog post! I must have missed this last week....images don't do these pieces justice though. I hope you see one in person at some point!!You would really respond.

  2. i thought they would be much better in person if they're as wonderful as they are as images. i'm glad you went to that show, it sounds amazing!