Thursday, October 25, 2012

Galen Cheney

encrypted, 2011, oil and paper on birch panel, 40x44, savoy, 2011, oil, enamel, paper on birch panel, 48x24, wannabe, 2011, oil, enamel, paper on birch panel, 40x42
Just as I am drawn to the beauty and mysteries embedded in the ruins of ancient cities, I am interested in the contemporary archeology of today’s urban centers.  There is an undeniable beauty in neglected city walls which show the ephemera of decades:  marks, tags, torn posters, notations, and expressions of all kinds, by artists, youths, outsiders, strivers—people connected only by geography and the desire/need to be noticed and to get a message through.  It’s often an accidental collaboration, but the synthesis of those different visual voices—the most recent being fully visible, and older ones partially obscured—is anything but dissonant.  Those layers of disparate expressions have a harmony, mystery, and sense of inevitability that I strive for in my work.
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