Thursday, February 26, 2009

elliot hundley

garden (for ivan), 2006, deathless aphrodite of the spangled mind, 2002-2003, deathless aphrodite of the spangled mind (detail), fire, 2006, siren, 2006, untitled (sibyl), 2004, siren (detail), the hanging garden, the invention of drawing, 2005, proscenium, 2006, tether, 2005, proscenium (detail), installation view, hammer project, garland (detail), 2006

i've long been an admirer of elliot hundley's work. i'm so inspired by his use of image, painting, collage, structure, materials, everything. it's work i'd like to make, but don't have the courage...


  1. Hi Lorraine,
    I like this work also.Incredible energy. Did you see the cutter's show at the Hunterdon Museum in Clinton, NJ?
    You might enjoy it-