Monday, February 2, 2009

monday studio tip of the week

david zimmerman, india project, untitled (Sagar), 2003

make drawings in pairs which express opposite adjectives. for example, make a drawing which is noisy in as many ways as possible - your pencil should make a lot of noise as it vigorously scribbles and scratches across the page, and the finished drawing should be noisy in the way in which it communicates. then take a breath and make a very quiet drawing. Your pencil should hardly touch the paper (imagine it's the tip of a feather). hold your pencil far away form the drawing end so you cannot apply too much pressure. hush your pencil as you draw, and let the end result be a very shy drawing. really enjoy the differences between the two drawings - let your ideas bounce off each other. push yourself to extremes of noisy and quiet.

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