Monday, May 11, 2009

an anouncement

photograph, the selby

hello friends, as some of you may know, i've accepted a position at peters valley craft center as fiber department head. it's going to be strange to work all summer when i'm used to relaxing, working in my studio and decompressing after a hectic year of teaching!

so because of this new craziness in my life, i've decided to take weekends off from the blog at least for the summer. i'm still going to post sunday church drawings, but because there will be no saturday post, i'm replacing the monday studio tip of the week with another great artist or other source of inspiration. enjoy this last studio tip until fall and if you're feeling like you need a good tip, there are plenty in the blog archives that will keep you going.

there will still be six awesome posts a week this summer, so visit often, it'll be great to hear from you.

i hope you all have a fabulous and creatively productive summer!


  1. Well congrats on your new position - what a wonderful place that looks like to work!

  2. How exciting. I will see you in August when I take Dorothy Caldwell's Mark Making workshop. Congrats.