Tuesday, May 5, 2009

john westmark

the aeronaut, 30x30, wisteria, 74x60, medusa, 60x48, wasp, 48x48, kronos, 30x30, hero and leander, 48x48, all: acrylic, thread, paper sewing patterns on canvas
The Industrial paper sewing patterns applied directly to the canvas represent metaphysical images and mythological narratives that provide the foundation for new interpretations outside of their usual functional context. Mythic and symbolic narrative is built upon the multi-layered references to human nature. A garment is realized only through the assembly of individual parts from sewing patterns; likewise, myths and history are a kind of panoramic fabric intricately woven with layers of different threads of human lives. The intrinsic schematic of the patterns conveys a high tech engineered object that contradicts the nostalgic nature of personal garment making. What role does the pattern normally play in our lives? Essentially, patterns and templates are the genesis of assembly, but once they are realized, they are tucked away or discarded. These paintings expose and liberate the pattern to become something else.
read the entire statement and see more work here.

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  1. Oh my, these are amazing! Thanks for sharing another talented artist to keep my eye on.