Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alexandra Bircken

unit 4 detail, 2008, coated aluminum, branches, plastic tube, acrylic paint, stone slices, bread, wire, screws, 140x220cm, unit 3 and detail, 2008, coated, aluminum, copper, brass, wire, roots, stones, acrylic, paint, spray paint, cardboard, mortar, branches, tomato panicle, steel, concrete, wax, oilcloth, tangerine, apple cores, screws, 220x140cm, drape, 2007, wood, concrete, cloth, wax, screws, wire & steel, 240x300x236cm

i love the use of fiber and other fiber related materials as well as the references to landscape and maps in such interesting compositions and presentation format...see more here.

1 comment:

  1. Bircken's work is captivating! I mean, you cannot ignore it. Ephemeral and unconventional, this is the work of a truly creative mind. Personally, I love this work and would enjoy seeing it in person to get the full experience.