Wednesday, June 24, 2009

erin e castellan

your love was like a rainbow and also a pile of bricks, 2008, mixed media and stitching on paper, 12.5x18.5, sunbeam, 2008, gouache
and stitching on paper, 11x14, release, 2007, monoprint and stitching on paper, 9x9, april showers, 2006, monoprint and stitching on paper, 11x15, bittersweet, 2006, monoprint and stitching on paper, 9x14
My intent is to capture transient states of existence that pass before we are fully cognizant of them. My images are inexhaustible narratives of color, shape, pattern, and texture intended to depict a complex web of relationships between objects, environment, and awareness. Patterns and forms rest in tense coexistence, supporting each other in an intricate system of the known and unknown. They are worlds rife with fleeting interactions and shifting spatial planes where time is unnaturally forced to stand still, poised on the brink of recognition and understanding.
i discovered this artist on my friend colleen stepanic's blog. i love how the repetitious nature of the stitching combines visually and tactilely with the painted patterns. read more of her statement here and see lots more work here.


  1. i enjoy the painterly quality of shapes/areas that almost appear to be melting. the fact that she uses stitching AND paint on paper is so interesting.
    i'm glad to learn about this artist.
    another great post!

  2. lori- i believe erin was a summer assistant at peters valley at some time - we have some of her functional textiles at the pv store
    best, brienne