Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rebecca riley

Nigeria, Acrylic on Paper, 27 x 39, Rotated New York Metro, Acrylic on Maps on Canvas, 36 x 36, Los Angeles, Acrylic on Paper, 30 x 42
I use maps in my most recent work as a structure from which to build a pattern. Using the same systemic process I've used in previous paintings such as the Big Bang paintings, where I make all of my decisions up front, and not while painting - I am able to reveal a pattern of growth and development in a city or an area of the earth under a city. So I have come to see each city as a kind of living organism, its growth directed, misdirected, and sometimes out of the control of its human inhabitants.
i've been loving maps again lately and i'm intrigued with the way in which this artist utilizes them so simply and literally, yet so abstractedly that the map itself becomes something else entirely...see more here.


  1. Love this artist. Take a look at how she reinvents her own maps using the structures of older maps. Also she take a form (maps) normally associated with being 2D and makes them 3D by hanging and layering them.