Thursday, August 26, 2010

val britton

the unknown extra dimension, 2009, ink, collage, graphite, gouache, and cut-out paper, 72 x 96
, northern flight, 2010, ink, graphite, collage, and cut-out paper, 52 x 60, extended macro universe, 2008, ink, gouache, graphite, collage, and cut-out on paper, 71 x 97

i've recently been delving back into my lifelong obsession with maps and just finished reading the book you are here by katherine harmon and it's just amazing how many kinds of functional maps one can draw as well as how many ways artists can interpret the map form. i love the way this artist begins with personal remembrance as a starting point for a map...see more here.


  1. Love, love this work and have that book as well. The movement is wonderful here with the continents or states almost being dragged through space. Great artist statement, too.