Sunday, December 12, 2010

sunday church drawing

i draw in church during the sermons. it helps me hear and retain the words. i usually begin by drawing the first thing i see-a piece of furniture, the shadows in the architecture, the pattern of someone's shirt-and let the drawing take on a life of it's own. most of the time, the object or pattern i started with isn't recognizable. i only work on these drawings for one sermon and rarely work back into them. here's one from a few weeks ago.

i now also draw in meetings, lectures, etc., whenever and wherever i'm sitting and required to listen. i find i can concentrate better when i'm doing something with my hands.


  1. thanks for the explanation! I have been wondering about these; they seem too elaborate to have been done on the margins of the church bulletin. do you carry a sketchpad everywhere?

    I like your comment that having something to do helps you focus on what's being said. I think I am a better listener when I have my crocheting or other simple handwork to do. you're much less easily distracted.

  2. thanks, kathy. yes, i carry a 4x6 sketchbook everywhere. you never know when/where you'll need it!