Thursday, December 9, 2010

virginia bradley

striped bass, 2009, mixed media on paper, 18x15, angus in herba, 8'x6', persephone, 9'x8', stag head, 2009, mixed media on paper, 18x15

i just saw this show at the abington art center and was blown away by the shear scale, detailing and extraordinary layers of these paintings...unfortunately, it's impossible to see any of these things in the images, but you'll just have to trust me and keep an eye out for another upcoming show so you can see this amazing work in person...see more here.


  1. Yes it really is too bad that the textures don't show up as well in books and on the internet-- seeing richly textured paintings in person is so much better-- but these still look wonderful.

  2. I saw her studio and work at The Crane during POST and Loved all her paintings. The details are amazing!