Friday, January 14, 2011

my studio

for a long time, some of you have asked for images of my studio, so now you're in for a treat! i finally cleaned it up and photographed it. it's not fancy, all of the furniture is used and my storage is from walmart ; ) but it's all mine and i love it.

some background on the space: it's an attic space, which was rather awkward at first because of the slanted roof and no straight walls. i had two walls built and used the awkward areas behind them as storage. the studio has a full bath, which i use for washout, it also has great windows, hardwood floors (which we found under some hideous carpeting) and having a studio within my home was very important, so it's basically why we purchased the house. there is no heat or air conditioning in the attic space, but i have a great space heater and really, who needs heat when you work with heated electric tools and molten wax! and as far as air conditioning-well, i usually work on drawings when it's really hot outside or i use my whole house fan that i had installed using a grant that i got in 2007. with that grant, i also installed lighting (i never have enough) and an adjustable arm ventilation system from this company.

now for the grand tour:

1) this is the view coming up the stairs where there is a storage space for my smaller pieces, magazine storage and my stuffed animal collection. 2) turning the corner and behind one of my built walls is my library, paper storage and my awesome scrap wood collection as well as other fun collected items like shells, rocks and ephemera that i use for inspiration.

3) my awesome scrap wood collection.

4) this is an overall view of the studio while standing in the sewing area (images 8 & 9) from here you can see the entrance to the studio from the stairs, one of the walls i had built that the library stands against, two large work tables in the center that i set up for private workshops, on the ceiling you can see my adjustable arm and the lighting i had put in, the third table in the front is my encaustic work area.

5) my encaustic work area.

6) the view out the window in front of my encaustic work area.

7) an overall view of the studio while standing in the encaustic work area-from here you can see my storage shelves and the bathroom entrance between them, my second wall to the right and in the far corner is my sewing area.

8) my sewing/computer/inspiration/everything else area.

9) my sewing area with a view of my comfy chair 10) storage area behind the second wall where large things lean against the wall and to the left and difficult to see, are 10 storage drawers i use for smaller materials.

11) an overall view of the studio while standing in the bathroom doorway and looking toward the encaustic work area in front near the window.

thanks for taking the tour! hopefully, some of you will make a studio visit-i always enjoy having artist friends over for studio visits, a studio play day or maybe you want to take a private workshop-just contact me, i'd love to have you!


  1. Oh it is lovely! I once had a studio space in an attic but the wasps drove me out. I don't know how they were getting in but they were not happy I was there!

  2. Thanks for the tour! This is very similar to my attic space. Yours is a bit larger, but I've been able to get some great ideas. Now, if I could only get a sink up there!

  3. I'm beyond envious!. Such a fantastic space, I wish mine was half as goood.

  4. thanks for your comments! i do love my studio ; )

  5. What wonderful studio-- angles and all-- and such a beautiful view.

  6. Great studio space! Next time I'm in Philly, I'm coming to visit. :)

  7. drooling..what a wonderful, cozy space with a magnificent view!