Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunday church drawings at artspace liberti

i never thought that anyone would be interested in showing my sunday church drawings, but here they are installed in artspace liberti at 2424 studios. the show is up until february 26, with a reception on february 4. if you can't make the opening, you can see the show on sundays at 10am and 12pm when the church meets. here's the statement i wrote for the show:

I draw in church during the sermons because it helps me hear and retain the words. I also draw in meetings, lectures, etc., whenever and wherever I'm sitting and required to listen as I find I can concentrate better when I'm doing something with my hands.

I usually begin by drawing the first thing I see-a piece of furniture, the shadows in the architecture, the pattern of someone's shirt-and let the drawing take on a life of it's own. Most of the time, the object or pattern I started with isn't recognizable when the drawing is finished. Usually, I only work on these drawings for one sermon and rarely work back into them.

The drawings shown here were originally done in a sketchbook during sermons at Calvary Chapel, Liberti Roxborough and Liberti Fairmount from approximately 2005-2008. With the exception of the Cell Series, each drawing has been scanned from the original sketchbook for this exhibition, printed using archival inkjet ink on paper, then hand colored using ballpoint pen. Each drawing is one of a kind, signed and numbered and can be ordered via


  1. Awesome! I love your Sunday Church drawings. What a great idea for displaying them.

  2. Very cool drawings and what a great idea to print and display them! I draw in meetings, etc. as well and also find that it helps me focus. These drawings have also led me to ideas for larger pieces. Love your encaustic work!