Friday, March 18, 2011

heather wilcoxon

who is in charge of who?, 2010, mixed medium on canvas, 48x60, addiction, 2008, oil, graphite on canvas, 60x62, new territory, 2010, mixed medium on canvas, 24x24

love it...see more here.

My paintings and works on paper are commentaries about our current global and enviormental ongoing situations. Through my drawings, I have developed these characters that I feel reflect all of our concerns, our fears, our worries and our brutality towards one another.

I see the world as a dangerous place. However, I am seasoned enough to see the absurdity of it all. My cartoon characters represent both the comedy and tragedy of humanity. In their childlike iconography, they embody a sense of innocent playfulness, yet in their monstrous rendering a dark humor is reflected. This dichotomy creates an interesting tension. In my paintings I invite the viewer in with nice colors and pretty surfaces. But if you look closer, the bite is there.


  1. Have always liked her work!!
    As always, great job showing us interesting work on your blog.

  2. Nice.
    Philip Guston, Dubuffet(and little bit Burra) approach to figurative art.
    It is fun, nice.