Friday, March 11, 2011

Joshua Krause

a step ahead of what haunts them, 2008, mixed media and resin on wood, 36x24, delusions, 2008, mixed media and resin on wood, 33x84, all the love i can muster, 2010, mixed media on resin on wood, 24x36

one of the awesome artists i'm showing with at parlor gallery, see more at the opening tomorrow night, 7-11pm or see more here.


  1. So awesome. Just shared this over on my blog too. A lot of the work you show here is spectacular and inspires me, but Joshua's work really speaks to me.

  2. thank you, dave and thanks for sharing this link on your blog!

  3. Happy to share. I think I got a whole new army of folks interested in you're blog too. Twitter folks ate it up.