Thursday, June 2, 2011

luc leestemaker

untitled landscape no 9, 2006, 72x80, landscape, 2004, 48x48, haiku 36, 72x80

at first i didn't respond to these paintings, but the more i look at them the more i'm entranced by the subtleties-color changes, references to landscape, use of line, brushstroke changes...see more here.


  1. Wonderful! The colors in Haiku are incredible. In one word. Atmospheric!

  2. the colors are what got me also, mary!

  3. I recently got to see his work at an art fair, wow, the actual pieces are so big, and look even better, gained yet a new admiration for them.
    Thanks for all your great posts.

  4. lucky you, thea! thanks for your comment!