Tuesday, June 14, 2011

teresa redden

Cylinder #5 , 2010, paper, 1.625x1.62x2.125, Cylinder #5 (detail), Sphere #2, 2010, paper, 2 inch diameter
I offer these objects as quiet, intimate moments with pattern. Individual rings of white, 24 pound acid free paper are woven together in planned sequences and affixed into stationary forms. These delicate sculptures are all of a scale that would fit in the palm of one’s hand and would blow away with a breath. Vulnerable and ephemeral, each piece stands still and generates a quiet rhythm created by the predictable order of its repeat pattern. Whispering about form and structure, they beckon one to slow down and pause.
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  1. So beautiful. Meditative. Would like to see these in person!

  2. me, too! i would also like to touch them...