Friday, July 29, 2011

gatlinburg, tennessee's hidden treasure

anyone who's been to arrowmont school of art and craft in gatlinburg, tn knows that there are few hidden treasures in that town (no offense, it's true!) but for the exception of arrowmont itself, the intensely beautiful great smoky mountains national park and a few cool antique shops.
so one evening i'm on my daily walk trying to wend my way unscathed through the maze of bad food, bad clothing and bad art (thomas kinkade) shops and i decided to walk a bit further than normal. i happened to look up as i was between a parking lot and a large group of trees to see this beauty of a cemetery. i love cemeteries, they're just peaceful, beautiful places and this one offered a calm respite from what is just not a quiet town.
what i found most interesting were the the make-shift headstones with the names scratched into them. in some cases, new headstones replaced these, but the old ones were left standing next to them. i spent a lot of time photographing and reading these headstones and some of the students in the workshop i was teaching took rubbings of them. all in all, it was a great find!

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