Monday, July 25, 2011

may workshops part 1

everyone working, helen's encaustic work, marvin's current lithograph work and 2 encaustic pieces, encaustic work, sally's 3d work and encaustic piece, maggi's current artist book work and encaustic piece.

it's been a very busy couple of months for workshops. my first workshop for the summer season was beginning encaustic in pittsburgh at the society for contemporary craft. the scc's studios don't have adequate ventilation, so we set up in the exhibition storage area, which works just fine for us! art can be and is made everywhere!!
this was an extremely fun bunch of people who just got into the process of making art with new techniques. the students learned everything about encaustic from branding to fusing to incising to creating texture. we ended the workshop with everyone showing a piece of their current work along with the pieces that they completed in the workshop. it's always interesting for me to see how the participants incorporate the new techniques they're learning into their current methodologies. good times!
workshop participants were ellie steines, helen naimark, marvin fields, charlotte ka, sally adler, maggi muller.

see this post for last year's encaustic workshop taught at scc for the first time ever!

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