Monday, June 21, 2010

scc encaustic workshop session 1

encaustic work by robert villamagna, an intersting painted block by robert, 2 pieces by martha skarlinksi, an abstract landscape and mixed media piece by joyce ross, a multi-mini-block piece by rhoda taylor, an eclectic collection of encaustic work by christine fondi, our outside workspace under tents and our cozy indoor workspace

i recently taught a 3-day mixed media encaustic intensive at the society for contemporary craft in pittsburgh. this is the first of two sessions and was added to the schedule because the one i'm teaching this week filled up so fast. this workshop was also the very first encaustic workshop EVER taught at the society for contemporary craft and i'm very excited that the scc entrusted me to bring this exciting medium to their workshop program.
being that this was the first encaustic workshop ever taught in their studio, there were some kinks to be worked out like ventilation and electricity issues. the studio windows don't open, so to avoid the harmful wax fumes, we decided to hold the workshop outside and under a number of tents. after securing at least three tents, (which sounds easy, but it wasn't!) we had to figure out how the electricity would be distributed and using about 20 extension cords, we did it! and with no tripped circuits! despite the heat and large, noisy trucks, working outside was a lot of fun and we attracted a lot of attention from the passers-by. the forecast for the next two days, was rain, rain and rain, so a spot was carved out for us inside the studio and where we could open a loading dock door for ventilation.
the workshop itself was great fun, the class was small and all personalities gelled well together and were quite supportive of one another. as a teacher, this is a wonderful environment in which to teach and takes a lot of the pressure off! this workshop was especially interesting because no one in the workshop had any experience working with encaustic. despite this and the fact that this is an extremely challenging medium, everyone enjoyed working with the medium and made amazing work. the participants in this workshop were joyce ross, christine fondi, martha skarlinski, rhoda taylor and robert villamagna.
i'm really looking forward to teaching the second session this week friday-sunday!

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