Wednesday, June 23, 2010

barbara stutman

on being female, 4 brooch/tampon holder set, 1993, colored copper wire, brass, copper, fine silver, spandex, tampons, spool knit, crochet, sewing, 19.3x9.5x3.8cm, survival of the footest 1,fancy sapphire fantasy for a maharajah, neckpiece r25, 2008, colored copper wire, gold filled beads, sterling silver beads, freshwater pearls, peridot beads, seedbeads, magnets, crochet, 26.6x22x3.8cm, sappire mix bangle royale, bangle, rb5, 2008, colored copper wire, vinyl lacing, gold filled beads, pearls, sterling silver beads, pearls, spool knit, crochet, 14x12.7x3.8cm, neckpiece for a maharajah on a hot summer's night, royal neckpiece, r17, 2004, fine silver, sterling silver, colored copper wire, seedbeads, magnets, crochet, 22.6x17.8x2.8cm shoulder brooch and stand, 1999, sterling silver, copper, colored copper wire nickel silver, fur, spool knit, crochet, 11.5x3.5x8.5cm

i love it when jewelery is FUNctional sculpture...see more here.


  1. I love the fresh color and sense of humor of this work. The scale of the work is also nice. Each object looks like a little treasure.

  2. i agree, terry. thank you for your wonderful comment.