Thursday, October 29, 2009

jessica drenk

Membria varius, Installation of Coffee Filters on wall, detail: 5 feet x 5, Window Specimen: Toothpick Cavern, 2007, toothpicks filling the space within the window display, Soft Cell Tissue series: Tubule, 2006, Toilet Paper, singed and coated in wax, 20 x 24, Window Specimen: Cup Lids, 2007, plastic soft drink covers, wax , Erosion #13, PVC pipe on panel, 29 x 29

there is so much great work from this artist, i had a terrible time deciding on images...see more here.


  1. do you know tara donovan's work? there's some definite similarities between jessica drenk and donovan's work...i think you might like it!

  2. thanks, emily. yes, i'm very familiar with tara donovan's work and i'm a big fan. jessica drenk's work feels more comfortable for me because it references the body, while tara donovan's work references space and architecture.