Friday, October 16, 2009

nils udo

Winter Nest, 1996, snowballs dyed with guelder rose berry juice, Upper Bavaria, summer in the park, 1999, Junipers, sorb, branches of hazel tree, wickers, Aachen, Germany, untitled, 1993, sunflower head with seeds removed; guelder rose berries, bishop’s mitre; seeds of bishop’s mitre afloat on a stream, Danube marshlands, Bavaria, River Altar, 1980, floating raft of ash and hazel branches, clematis, dandelions--Priental, Bavaria, Robinia Leaf Swing, 1992, robinia leaf halved, ash twigs, Valle de Sella, Italy, Root-Sculpture, 1995, Mexico City

i love andy goldsworthy, but this guy's been around longer and i've never even heard of him!...his work is everywhere online, but here and here (go to this site to read about how the works were created) are good places to start.


  1. HI Lori,
    Love this and the painter in the last post!!

  2. how unusual! i like that he plays with the reality of nature, adding a bit of the human touch. it makes his work appear mysterious, plays on our visual sense of what is real and what is not. at least, that's what i see.

  3. exactly why his work is so appealing. thanks for commenting!