Monday, May 10, 2010

kathy butterly

higher, 2008, clay, glaze, paint, 7x9x7, big gulp, 2008, clay, glaze, paint, 9x6x7.5, (k) new moss, 2008, clay, glaze, paint, 9x6.5x6, mesmerchandize, 2007, porcelain, earthenware, glaze, 6.5x8x6

when i was in grad school, kathy came to tyler to do a talk about her work, so i had the pleasure of learning about the thought process behind it as well as about how her art-making is fed by the events in her life-good and bad. after a studio visit with her, one of the ceramic grads described her as 'intoxicating'...i think so, too...see more here.

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