Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rachel whiteread

untitled (double mattress yellow), 1991, acrylic ink and watercolor on graph paper, 11x16.5, study for village (1st), 2004, ink, pencil and collage on paper, 12x16, study for wax floor, 1992, correction fluid, ink and watercolor on graph paper, 18x12, study for floor (perspective), 1993, correction fluid and ink on graph paper, 28x19.5

lovely repetition of the grid...see more here.


  1. Her work is so interesting to me, particularly the ones on graph paper.

  2. stephanie, if you like her drawings, check our her sculpture work. very cool!

  3. Ah, I was just reading about these drawings in ArtNews, I think (it might have been Art Forum) and here they are. Serendipity!