Wednesday, May 26, 2010

leisa rich

view of the garden, detail, wool, fabrics, vinyl, thread, recycled elements, plastic straws, plant stakes, packing materials, strapping tape, bubble wrap, carpet samples, quilts, cut up art pieces, 25x20 feet, liquid force, wool, 60x48x4, from the ground up, wool, thread, 36x36x108, lilliput's cloud, detail
recently, i read alan weisman's fabulous book the world without us. i was amazed a the theory of extinction and disintegration he postulates. the grounded facts of the rapidity with which the natural world would overtake man-made detritus upon the cessation of the human species was sobering at best...apocalyptic at worst. my own on-going and growing disenchantment with the negative impact of humans on the world has led to my art practice of forming pieces that morph human detritus with little-shop-of-horrors-type, hyper-real, nature-gone-wild-soul.
this work interests me because the artist has taken the craft of felting beyond most of what i've seen. the work possesses a sophisticated palette and the artist has created some unique, approachable and interesting multiple forms and installations, i'd really like to see this work in the entire statement here and see lots more work here.

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