Thursday, July 1, 2010

amy stacey curtis

transit ride, 2006, 11x11,955. carnival of the animals (aquarium), 2005, 6x6, light rain and birds, 2006, 11x11, 935. prokofiev (piano concerto no 3 in c major), 2005, 6x6, 855. popham beach, 2005, 3x3
My interactive installations physically exist as art when temporarily assembled in a space and experienced by an audience. I strive toward an aesthetic, personal, and collective balance of chaos, order, and repetition--a raw language I feel resonates physically, emotionally, culturally, and spiritually within and around all of us--to convey that we are part of a whole. This balance in part depends on the audience who completes my creative process, invited to perpetuate, manipulate, and perceive my imagery in specific and purposeful ways. Without the audience's careful participation, my work is static and unfinished. Following each installation, my work exists only through documentation, dialogue, connection, memory.

The first 90 drawings are interpretations of what the sounds look like. The last 9 drawings are interpretations of what the sounds make me see. Before beginning each drawing, I listened to its sound over and over again until I could visualize the sound in my mind.
this artist has an enormous body of very interesting favorite series are the sound drawings...see more drawings and hear the sounds that inspired them here and her other work here.

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  1. wow- such mystery in these pieces. they're interactive? i'll go to your links for more...