Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bovey lee

Beach Ball Blast (detail), 2009, hand cut chinese rice paper, 18.5x20, Power Plant-The Butterfly Dream, 2008, hand cut chinese rice paper, 40x27, Power Plant-The Butterfly Dream (detail), little crimes III, 2008, hand cut chinese rice paper, 19x19, Tsunami-Enmeshed (detail 2), 2008, hand cut chinese rice paper, 27x36.5

i was fortunate enough to meet this artist while i was teaching a workshop in pittsburgh last month. we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at my host family's house and i knew she was an artist, but i'm embarrassed to say i had no idea what her work looked like. when i got home, i checked out her web site and needless to say, i was both blown away and quietly humbled to know that i was in the presence of such an amazing artist. i've never seen such intricate detail and precision in cut paper work and she's surprisingly prolific despite the meticulous nature of her work...see a lot more work and details here.

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