Monday, July 5, 2010

recent private workshops

grace's friend's awesome sketchbook that i just couldn't get enough of, her prints, grace's worktable, grace hulse having a great time working with encaustic, i think this is one of grace's pieces, grace's friend's cut wood pieces that she would like to work with in encaustic, one of grace's encaustic samples, grace's table and more sample paintings, joel's herbs and charcoal drawings, one of joel's collaged sample paintings, joel working hard on his clay sculpture.

my apologies for being slightly slow in posting my recent private workshop student's work! during the past couple of months i've enjoyed teaching three awesome artists the wonders of encaustic painting! grace hulse and a friend were here last month and each came with their own ideas and experience and created some great work. grace had experience working with encaustic and employed some markmaking techniques to some of her sample painting. grace's friend is a printmaker and used some of her gorgeous prints as a base for painting and further markmaking.
joel fisher-fishering was my april private workshop attendee. his interest was to enhance the surface of his clay sculptures-this was particularly interesting to me because no one has ever come to me with this request. joel also used to work in an herb distribution store, so he came with the most beautiful collection of dried flowers and herbs, which we embedded in the wax on the clay. joel also had a beautiful charcoal drawing which he cut up and used as a basis for a wax transfer.
i enjoyed all three students very much and i hope they're all well and enjoying the wax!! for more information regarding a private encaustic workshop, see my web site here.

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