Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lisa kellner

Seeing Red (detail), 2010, Silk, pigment, paint, bleach, thread, and tacks, wood, acrylic, silicone, 38 x 70 x 8, Almost Perfect (detail), 2009, Silk, Pigment, Thread, Embroidered Text, Surgical Pins, 42 x 31 x 6, Excavate (detail), 2010, Silk, pigment, paint, bleach, thread, and pins, 68 x 40 x 6

maybe it's because it's such a time consuming process that we don't see more work incorporating the sculpting and heat setting of polyester and silk organza...i hope to see more-it's so juicy...found via linda celestian...see more here.


  1. juicy, indeed, absolutely beautiful! Are you familiar with the work of Tania Welz?

  2. no, i wasn't familiar with tania's work, so i looked it up and it's really quite beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for giving credit to my blog for introducing you to Lisa Kellner. I don't want to steal all her thunder so I thought I'd note that you forgot to include the link to her site. I love your blog and spend a lot of time on it. Keep up the good work.