Friday, February 11, 2011

valerie zeman private workshop

valerie diligently working-her t-shirt says 'make art, don't be a chicken'-love it!, just a peak at her immense collection of deconstructed screenprinted fabrics, first painting almost finished, second painting just started with one of her beautiful fabrics covering a board and awaiting paint.

my january private workshop participant was valerie zeman, someone i met in the summer of 2009 while i was the fibers department head at peters valley craft center. the funny part of the story is that we didn't realize we knew each other until she had been here for a few hours!
valerie is an artist who has a passion for color and pattern, especially that associated with fabric and surface design techniques and she was drawn to the work i do in encaustic for those reasons. in our short one day workshop, i loaded her head with the basics of encaustic, showed her how to cover a board with fabric and how to work with a textured vs smooth surface. valerie loves taking workshops and wasn't at all tentative about diving in and making stuff. i love the two little paintings she started during the workshop and look forward to seeing more encaustic work from her!

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