Monday, February 28, 2011

my new studio assistants

brenda howell, ma mere, 20x24, brenda howell, magpie on the gallows, 20x24, two paintings by alison gulczynski

well, it's official, things are finally looking up for us artists--at least it appears so from what i've seen posted on facebook and read on some blogs. show opportunities are popping up everywhere, people are making sales-slowly but surely, it seems that we're getting somewhere after a slow couple of years.
things are looking up for me as well and i have many shows and workshops scheduled for the coming months (see schedule in the sidebar). between teaching at tyler, teaching workshops, keeping up my studio practice, promoting my work, blogging and attempting to keep some semblance of a life, i've realized i'm not superwoman and i can't do it all myself. so i broke down and hired two assistants to help me. they have been working about a month and half and have been more than a blessing to me.
brenda howell is a trusted friend and artist who i met many years ago at tyler. she paints with encaustic, makes and sells awesome handmade wares on etsy and patiently listens to me vent about life. see more of her work here.
alison gulczynski is a recent graduate from moore college of art and design. she makes amazing collage drawings and paintings, is very ambitious and wants to learn all she can. see more of her work here.
having brenda and alison in the studio makes me happy and i'm able to breathe and think clearly. thanks to you both for your hard work!


  1. It's very heartening to hear about the upswing there in Philly. I haven't seen as much here yet and the news dominating the airwaves about the proposed state budget cuts makes me crazy. (Cut the arts, cut the arts!)

    Congratulations on your upcoming shows! Your blog and the Tyler fibers page are always enticing and interesting,


  2. thanks, rebecca. the most important thing is not to lose heart and stop working. people will always want art in their lives and the arts will always survive no matter how hard they try to get rid of us!!

  3. We are a tough breed, you are correct Lorraine! Always refreshing to hear good news.

  4. Yes, indeed. If we artists hang in there, we continue. Brenda Howell ... she is wonderfully talented. Such deep and beautiful work. Thanks for sharing all of this artwork here on your blog.

  5. yes, she is diana, that's why i nabbed her!!