Thursday, January 8, 2009

awesome book

i love books-as any visually responsive person does. i keep buying more even though i have far too many as it is. most of what i love about a book is feeling the weight of it in my hands, interacting with it by turning the pages and sharing it with others. i look forward to sharing some of my favorites on this blog.

i purchased this book of robert browning poems (for $2!) at a book sale at the elkins park free library (they have a monthly book sale in which all proceeds support the library-the next sale is this weekend 1/9-1/11. check your local library for these sales as they're great places to find bargains and support your community as well). i was attracted to this beautiful book because of it's unusual cover and i was even more delighted when i found the dried flowers and the imprints they made on the inside.

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